Spoken Language Essay

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Spoken Language
Spoken Language in my opinion follows a different set of rules to written language in this essay I am going to explore the ways spoken language is used by television interviewers. I will be using the political chat show This Week as an example of the spoken language on TV chat shows. This Week is a political and current affairs chat show broadcasted every Thursday night on BBC one. The show is presented by former editor of the Sunday Times Andrew Neil and is accompanied every week by ex Conservative Party Member Michael Portillo.
This Week in my opinion has a very strong political context, with the purpose of the show being to inform viewers of current events but keep them entertained at the same time. The context of
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However when written down in the transcript it looks as if they speak with a lot of grammatical errors. Andrew Neil has a rather heavy Scottish accent yet he still speaks with the normal speed and grace he would if he didn’t have an accent, this suggests to a viewer that his accent doesn’t get in the way of his speech. I think that the public will not respond differently to Andrew Neil and his accent as he masks it very well. Andrew Neil seems to have been influenced alongside Michael Portillo, who is a fixed guest on the show, to speak in political Idiolect. They both at moments speak as if they are MPs, especially Michael Portillo, with Received Pronunciation. However Andrew Neil has another idiolect, he speaks like normal TV presenters as well, with plenty of puns, jokes and interesting comments. I think this contrast is a key example of the key point I am trying to make in this essay. There is a big contrast between the formal and informal on the show. On the show Andrew Neil refers to Michael Portillo and other interviewees by their first name which is different to most other political chat show presenters who call their interviewees by their full name.
The next that I am going to be analysing in Andrew Neil’s spoken language is that he speaks with constant intonation. This constant intonation occurs when he is stressing certain points like in my

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