Essay about Splitting Of The Roman Empire

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Splitting of the Roman Empire
The fall of Roman empire started from about AD 190. It was attacked by tribes such as the Goths and the Vandal and Civil wars in the empire further weakened rule. Rome also experienced a succession of poor emperors who were not capable of doing their jobs. The emperor Diocletian knew that something had to be done or the empire would disintegrate. He decided to divide the Roman Empire in half creating Western Empire and Eastern Empires, each with own leader. However, Diocletian now faced other problems. More military defenses had to be built across the empire costing large sums of money. To pay for these, taxes were increased and extra coins were minted leading to inflation. In AD 307, Constantine became emperor. He believed that Rome as a city was far away from vital areas of the empire therefore, moved the capital to a new city, Constantinople. Constantinople was much further east than Rome and lost grip of the empire as a whole. This left both halves vulnerable to attacks to foreign tribes.

Pax Romano
The Pax Romano, also known as the Roman peace, was the safety and stability guaranteed by the roman might. Legions patrolled borders with success, leaving the internal empires from outside disruptions. the empire reached peak in land area and population grew to 70 million people The empire protected and some freedom permitting each province create and enforced own laws and rulings while accepting Roman taxation and…

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