Splendour In The Grass Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Although they are technically not ‘ignoring’ market segment differences, they do not design separate offers for each segment of the market. There are a lot of segments to consider when deciding on how to target the correct market, but demographic (age, life-cycle and income) and psychographics (lifestyle) and behavioural (loyalty) is the ones that mostly used. This type of music festival attracts a wide variety of people, but it would be wise to target people based their age, life-cycle and loyalty to the artists and the event.
Positioning Statement
A product or service’s position is how the consumer relates, feels or interprets the product or service against your competitors. It is very important to achieve favourability to the product in the consumers mind.
Splendour does not have a positioning statement but it could go along the lines of ‘Splendour – listen, laugh, love, enjoy!’. The reason I have chosen this mix of words is because people listen to the music, enjoy the time they experience at the festival, laugh at the good times they have and hopefully love it so they will return! This statement positions the event as having a fun loving, carefree atmosphere
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The use of demographic, physcographic and behavioural segments can be used effectively, if used properly. Splendour has used a variety of ways to target the appropriate markets. The most effective are by using brand and artist loyalty. The way they have positioned themselves in the music festival industry is to be seen as the leading winter music festival. This can be supported by the positioning statement.
I believe they have created an effective marketing mix, segmented the audience efficiently and created an overall enjoyable product.


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Splendour in the Grass,

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