Spirituality : Religion Without Commitment Essays

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Spirituality. Religion without Commitment. In recent years Australia has seen a significant decrease in devotion to religions whilst the majority claim they are spiritual instead. This poses the question to many individuals. Is there a difference between being spiritual and being religious? This questioning leads me to my purpose today. Explaining if we can be spiritual without needing religion.
Many people have this assumption that you can’t have spirituality without religion and vice versa. But with the recent studies claiming that Australians are spiritual but aren’t committed to a certain religion. Do we need to rethink that assumption?
To answer that question we first need to understand what spirituality is. Sounds simple right? Wrong. It seems every site, book and person gives a different definition of spiritualty. So which one do you choose? I discovered that all these sources are explaining their view of spirituality. Spirituality isn’t something you can simply define, because we all experience spirituality differently. There are no boundaries for how we choose to interpret spirituality and practice it.
Spirituality is accustomed to an individual’s life experience and is all about forming your own individual inner path of discovery and identifying your higher power, making it favourable among people that reject religion but believe in a higher being. Spirituality can embrace transcendental ideas for the individuals that believe in existence beyond this…

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