Spirituality Is The Broad Concept Into Their Personal Experience

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There are a variety of differing views on what spirituality is. Gottlieb states that it is an “understanding of how life should be lived and an attempt to live that way” (2012, p.5). This alludes to the view of spirituality being linked to religion, as many provide guidance on how to live your life. However, it is argued that although related, “religion is…the broad concept into which spirituality fits as a feature” (Stioss-Hanssen, 1999, p.27). OFSTED have reported that spiritual development relates to children’s acquisition of “insights into their personal experience, which are of enduring worth” and can be contributed to through “all areas of the curriculum” (1994, p.86, cited in OFSTED, 2004, p.8). Which insinuates children’s spirituality has the opportunity to develop continually whilst in school. For the purpose of this short essay I am going to look at spirituality as religion, in particular its role in schooling.

Faith schools are typically run like state schools but have religious character. There are also different types, for example voluntary aided and academies. Although they have to follow the national curriculum, they are free to teach only about their religion. Furthermore, there may be differences in admissions criteria and staffing policies (gov.uk, 2016). In 2012 35% of maintained schools in England had religious character, with almost 70% being CofE (NCfT&L, 2012). Currently, many debates surround faith schooling. For example, whether or not they should…

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