Spiritual Needs Survey : Written From Medical Record Essay

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Spiritual Needs Survey: adapted from Medical Record - Spiritual Assessment, 2016.
Patient demographics -Sex: male -Age: 28 -Ethnicity: Caucasian -Religion: Catholic
1. Do you have a relationship with God; if so, are you close to God in your everyday life?
Yes, I do have relationship with God, I would say it is a close relationship, but not as strong as I know it could be.
2. Do you use prayer in their life?
I pray to Him nightly before going to bed, thanking Him for all that I have in my life and even throughout the day there are times when I will ask Him for help with matters I struggle with or need help with.
3. Do you know what your spiritual needs are? How would you describe them?
I believe that I don’t have many spiritual needs because I keep the relationship with God. Although it may not be as strong as I would like it to be, it still fulfills my spiritual needs as I reach out to Him. If I ever do start to feel like they are not fulfilled, I know that God will be there to help me fulfill those needs.
4. What interactions or activities do you participate in which help meet your spiritual needs and express spirituality?
I attend church services every Sunday morning where I join my fellow parishioners to receive Christ. After the services we have a Sunday brunch where a different member prepares and organizes the gathering each week. One of the church members will address the group each week and provide an inspirational verse or teaching that God has given to them…

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