Spiritual Growth : What Exactly Is It And How Does It Affect You?

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Spiritual Growth - What Exactly Is It and How Does It Affect You?
By Jo Bie | Submitted On November 19, 2014

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For most people, life is a series of repetitions and coincidences, a daily, weekly, yearly and even lifetime struggle to make sense of circumstances and situations we find ourselves. For most people, too, life is a bitter disappointment because our answers are neither tangible nor explainable to an understandable level. The query begs - How is this even possible? Can anything under this sun ever be figured out?

Gladly, it 's not about the answers. It 's about a whole different animal - knowing oneself. See, if you understand and know yourself, then you will automatically have control of what goes on in your immediate surroundings. And this in turn ripples through every other "larger" aspect of life. "Larger" in quotes because, from reality 's standpoint, there is NOTHING bigger than you. Well, at least until you allow it to be.

What I 'm saying is that everything starts and ends with you - your body, mind, and spirit are all under your control as a "human being." As you 're being human, you "make" life happen accordingly by your daily…

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