Spies, Lies, And Mysteries Of The Cia Essay

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Spies, Lies, and mysteries of the CIA The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a very complex government association. It has a history of lots of conspiracy theories. Everybody believes that you are being watched by them you’re every single move of the day, when they have better things to worry about. “The start of the CIA, and its purpose and involvement with the federal government. The Central Intelligence Agency 's primary mission is to collect, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence to assist the president and senior US government policymakers in making decisions relating to the national security. The CIA does not make policy; it is an independent source of foreign intelligence information for those who do. The CIA may also engage in covert action at the president 's direction in accordance with applicable law. First, we have to identify a problem or an issue of national security concern to the US government. In some cases, CIA is directed to study an intelligence issue—such as what activities terrorist organizations are planning, or how countries that have biological or chemical weapons plan to use these weapons—then we look for a way to collect information about the problem.”( History of the CIA).
Marshall 2 “There are several ways to collect information. Translating foreign newspaper and magazine articles and radio and television broadcasts provides open-source intelligence. Imagery satellites take pictures from space, and imagery analysts write reports…

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