Spider Man Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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What makes a hero a hero? According to www.merriam-webster.com the definition of the word hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Peter Parker was a normal high school student until getting bit by a spider. Shortly after this “minor” bite he discovered a new range of powers that he had never had before. These powers included spider-like abilities including the capability to shoot webs from his wrists. He vowed to use these powers for the good of his city and fight off various villains and to keep his real identity hidden he adopted the name Spider-Man. Beowulf was one of the strongest and bravest men in Geatland. When the people of his town needed help against a demon named Grendel of course he stepped in and was crowned king because of it. Although these two heroes may seem to be completely different they still have things in common despite the time period difference. The first trait these two heroes have in common is they’re both brave. Beowulf showed braveness when he was able to fight the two monsters off. The fight between him and the first beast he fought Grendel with no weapons (). After this battle he later went on to conquer Grendel’s mother. This fight, however, was a …show more content…
These both showed braveness by fighting different forms of evil in the areas that they lived. They also both possessed strength and used it to their advantage. Lastly, these heroic figures did not both show humbleness. Although these two heroes are somewhat similar I still think Spiderman was the better hero. The great things Spider-Man did seemed like he was doing them more for the people then himself. Overall, Spider-Man seemed like he was sending a better message to be portrayed by the viewers; give because you want to not because you’re expecting something

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