Spider Man Character Analysis Essay

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As with almost every superhero fan I know, I fell in love with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in last year’s “Captain America: Civil War.” As such, despite some recent lackluster attempts at Spider-Man movies, I was extremely excited for Holland’s solo outing, even though Spider-Man is not one of my more beloved superheroes. For the most part, this movie proved a satisfying picture.
Set a couple months after “Civil War,” Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Holland) is eager to become a full-fledged Avenger. He still has the suit Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) gave him, and he’s using it to fight lower level crime in New York City to prove himself to his ironclad mentor. Soon, however, Spider-Man must face his must serious threat yet, an alien technology-wielding
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Holland is fantastic in the role, nailing the constant, irreverent wit and banter of the character. He also excels at conveying the naivete and eagerness that are defining traits of this iteration of the web slinger. Holland’s performance is not on the level of some MCU heavyweights (like Downey Jr.), partly because he is a little rough around the edges in his emotional moments, but he has the potential to become synonymous with the …show more content…
He’s got some interesting motivations, but he is still too underdeveloped and underutilized to make a truly lasting impression. Plus, he’s not an especially intimidating villain.
As far as the supporting cast goes, they all do well in their few scenes. Downey Jr. is still perfect as Stark. Jon Favreau is fun as Happy Hogan, Stark’s bodyguard assigned to watch over Peter. Marisa Tomei is good as May Parker, Peter’s aunt. Zendaya showcases some impressive comedic chops as Michelle. Lastly, Jacob Batalon does some good work as Ned, Peter’s best friend and our nerd stand in.
In addition to the solid acting, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” also features some decent directing from Jon Watts. He does a superb job of crafting the perfect tone for this movie. It’s got lighthearted feel to it that’s apposite to this character.
I also liked how Watts underscored the fresh youthfulness and energy of this Spider-Man with his cinematography. This movie is brightly lit, with many shots taking place during the day, giving it a vibrant look. Watts and his cinematographer Salvatore Totino also make excellent use of a bright color pallet, with a multitude of rich hues helping to make them movie look more

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