Spider Infection Case Study

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The Effect of Spider Venom on Muscle Contraction
Jessica Martinez and Stephanie Perez
Eastfield Community College

A patient with the name Bobby presented with the chief complaint: pain on one arm that originated in one area and has spread up the arm. Along with pain in the arm, the patient experienced sweating and abdominal pain and cramping. The patient explained that he was photographing the sunset at the beach when he felt a burning sensation and realized he had been bit by something small and black. Bobby noticed that the pain became more intense within 20 minutes of the initial burning sensation but ignored it. An hour after the patient was bit, the pain began to spread up his arm and began to experience sweating. It was after he began to feel abdominal cramps that the patient decided to call for help. Upon arrival, the patient began to experience very strong, constant, and painful muscle contractions. Aside from tachycardia, the patient’s vitals are otherwise stable. The bite that the patient presents is suspicious of that of the katipo spider which is known to the area and given that all the symptoms presented are also common for a katipo spider bite.
Question Analysis
Explain why you must identify what attacked Bobby in order to give effective treatment? Why did the staff seem to know what to do?
It is important to identify what attacked Bobby because each spider
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Most cases of these spider bites are rarely fatal, but it can cause severe local or systemic pain. The treatment recommended to relieve the symptoms is widow spider antivenom therapy, which will start to work in the span of one to two hours once it is administered. In most cases only two ampoules of antivenom are required (Graudins and Nicholson, 2003). The reason that black widow spider antivenom works well with a katipo bite is because they are from the same family of

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