Spending 30 Minutes Art Making Essay examples

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Spending 30 minutes art making can reduce anxiety In Another study, 57 undergraduate students (N=57) from a liberal arts college in the U.S. Northeast were assigned in either an art-making group or control group (Sandmire, Gorham & Grimm, 2012). Art-based activities included: painting, coloring predesigned mandalas, free-form painting, collage making, still life drawing and modeling with clay. The study hypothesized that participants who engaged in an art-making activity of their choice for 30 minutes would experience a significant reduction of anxiety compared to a control group that did not participate in art making. The State- Trait Anxiety Inventory was administered before and after the intervention and data was collected a week before finals during the fall and spring semesters. Before the session, participants attended a brief information meeting to review criteria and sign consent forms. The testing environment was designed to simulate an art center. In the study, students were randomly assigned into one of two groups: the art making group and the control group that sat in chairs and mingled. First, the STAI was administered, followed by the start of the art –making activity for the experimental group. After the control group was assessed using the STAI, they sat in comfortable chairs in the other room. Both groups were allowed to socially interact but not electronic devices allowed. Participants in the experimental group were instructed to pick one of five art…

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