Speedy Carrier Essay

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Speedy Carrier

Founded in 2011, Speedy carrier is a small carrier company located in Sharjah, and it’s has been founded to by Mr. Salem Abdullah. The company has 290 regular customers where they have long-term agreement to deliver their item exclusively, and they deliver more than 150 items daily inside the UAE, and 75 outside the country by the help of international carriers. The firm has 175 employees where it has different departments. The building is a large warehouse, and it has two floors; the first floor is for the receiving and collecting office in the front of the customer. The second half of the ground floor is the place to prepare the items to be delivered by the carriers. On the other hand, the second floor is just for the management
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Purpose: By implementing the Enterprise Information Security (Policy/Standard). Speedy carrier will protect the ownership of the private information (non-public) from the internal and external threads. More than that, it will help the company to protect all assets and customer information even if it was by accident.

Scope: Speedy Carrier will apply the Policy and Standards to any-user that has the access to the IT resources (anyone has any relation to the company), which will include employees, customers, and partners.

The policy will ensure that:
• The information is protected from unauthorized access.
• The Privacy of the information.
• The Reliability of the information.
• The information will be available 24/7.
• Performing the Risk management assessments to identify and evaluate the risks.
• Apply the ethics and legal of the country

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