Speech: What Year Were You Born In?

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Me: What year were you born in?
Beth: I was born in 1970.
Me: What did you enjoy about your childhood the most?
Beth: I enjoyed the freedom, compared to today it is so much different.
Me: How so?
Beth: Well I used to go out and play with all the kids in the block. Time went by fast but we all knew each other. Now kids cant go outside and play because your afraid for your kids. Or the kids from the block are doing drugs at a early age.
Me: What are some historical events that took place during the year you were born?
Beth: I cant recall a historical event in 1970. But I do recall others during my childhood, or at least big events that my parents always mentioned to me as I grew up.
Me: What are those events?
Beth: I believe it was like 1972 during the Olympic games, there was a terrorist attack. Some people
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Beth: Gun 's were something like a toy. They were making policies and new laws to enforce the use of them. But they were actually easily accessible back then, compared to today. Today you need a permit and if you have some sort of a background history you cannot get one.
Me: What can you tell me about people from different ethic groups?
Beth: Different ethic groups were facing a hard time.
Me: A hard time? Are you referring to being accepted?
Beth: Yes, the 1970 's was full of many revolutionary speakers and important groups that were fighting to receive equality.
Me: How did your community react or take in different ethic groups?
Beth: Well we had many different people in our community.
Me: What kind of groups?
Beth: Well in front of where I lived, there was Jeff and his family they were African Americans. My back neighbors were Caucasians, they were very friendly. The rest of our neighbors were Mexicans.
Me: Your neighborhood/ community accepted them?
Beth: Yes they did, we would all play regardless of what kind of race or groups they were part of. We took care of each other. If one neighbor had a problem we would help them

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