Speech to Inform on Video Games Essay

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For almost a century, video games have shaped not just our country, but the whole world. An entire industry was developed and it continues to thrive, even in our rough economic times. Some people fall into the clutches of games’ $60 (or more) price tags, while others wait for titles to drop into the bargain bin. But no matter how you purchase them, video games have become much more than just ways to pass the time. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us want to scream in anger and punch a wall. Perhaps that is just the reason why we enjoy them so much. Today, I will be discussing the history of video games, the beneficial effect they have on us today, and the controversies that come with them. Video games have existed …show more content…
Now, video games have become much more than we ever thought they could be. 65% of American households play video games, and 40% of people who play video games are women. Nina Huntemann from Game Over stated, “You know what's really exciting about video games is you don't just interact with the game physically -- you're not just moving your hand on a joystick, but you're asked to interact with the game psychologically and emotionally as well. You're not just watching the characters on screen; you're becoming those characters”. Studies have shown that people who play video games have better hand-eye coordination and visuo-motor skills. Visuo-motor skills are like resistance to distraction and better memorization skills. It has also been proven that frequent gamers have improved dexterity and better problem-solving skills as well. On the other hand, there are people who believe that video games can become fatally addictive and look down on them due to their depiction of graphic violence, sexual themes, advergaming (a form of advertising in games), consumption of drugs, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, propaganda, or profanity. However, the ESRB, which is the company that gives ratings to video games, was created in order to categorize such games in the appropriate age groups. There has been history of some gamers taking things a little too far and acting them out in real life, but with

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