Speech : The Power Of Speech Essay

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“The power of speech” Freedom of speech is a very powerful right that is protected by the first Amendment to the United States Constitution. Free speech rights are unified and valued by most people and must be guaranteed by the government. Hate speech can be very aggressive and it can deeply affect an individual or a group of people. The ACLU- American Civil Liberty Union- believes that they should relieve such a censorship. The ACLU supports in a statement that “In recent years, a rise in verbal abuse and violence have been directed at the color of people, genders, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and other historically persecuted groups have plagued the United States.” The ACLU defends not only hate speeches on the campus but also free speech, speech codes verbal abuses as well as nonverbal symbols, and makes distinctions between speech and conducts.
The ACLU believes that “all campuses should adhere to First Amendment principles because academic freedom is bedrock of education in a free society.” Also, where racist, sexist and homophobic speeches are concerned, the ACLU believes that “more speech--not less-- is the best revenge.” Speech codes are not the way to go on the college campus, where all views are entitled to be heard, explored, supported and refuted. On the other hand when hate is publicized it is a problem that everyone can see. ACLU- American Civil Liberties Union- has proven its credibility by working for almost 100 years to defend and preserve…

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