Speech: Super Giant Star

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Super Giant Star: When I was a young star, younger than all of you, just about after was born. I was a small star, didn't have any idea of what was going on. I had a very surprisingly strong gravitational pull, pulling all sorts of gases. Having stronger gravity pulled more and more gas and dust to me. The inner layers of gas and dust start to warm from the pressure of the gas and dust above. Now the star's heat and light blows away the surrounding gas and dust, and then I could finally be seen in the nebula. What's the nebula? Well, it's kind of a cloud of gas and dust in outer space. When all you young stars get bigger, you will be just as big and bright as me!

Moon: Okay, when you come to visit me, you will be quite surprised
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welcome to..."Let's talk"! (Space edition) Today we have the honor of hosting our guests, from the Milkyway! We have Earth, Venus, Murcury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and their Red Dwarf Star, The Sun! So Earth, you think you are the center of your solar solar system? (Earth) " I know I am! No one can say otherwise!" (The Sun) "oh I can!" (announcer) Looks like we have some opposition here. Let's start with the judgment of your fellow planets, and um... dwarf planet. (Uranus) "I will go first! I think that the Earth is the um... is um, the um center of the um, solar system-" (Jupiter) "Bah! The Sun is obviously the center, you would have to be as dumb as Uranus to think otherwise!" (Uranus) "Qiuet! Just because your big does not mean your right, and it does not mean you can insult me with out getting away with it!" (Saturn) "I would like to see a tiny planet like you take on Jupiter!" (Pluto) "Hey, um g-guys um, p-p-please d-don't fight." (Announcer) Plutos right, we don't have to fight- (Jupiter) Jumps up and smashes the announcer, who was actually Ceris. (Earth) "I am the center! me me me me me!" (Saturn) "Okay, to prevent any more fighting, I say we make sun the center and we all orbit around him!" (Earth) "Fine." And that is how the solar system was created, not destroyed. (Earth was never the …show more content…
I was a planet but know I am not? How can you do that to me? Is that even legal!? I am just as good as all of you other planets, I may be far away from everyone, but you can't exclude me from being a planet just because I am small! small! Please can I be a planet again? I may be the one who is freezing out here, but you guys have a cold heart. Even the Sun! Come on, I am round, I orbit, I was a planet, I want to be an actual planet again! If you make me a planet again, I will never bother you again. Personally, I think I am a planet. I don't care what anyone else says... Okay fine I do. Please I would do Anything to become a planet again? Being a Dwarf Planet makes me sound dumb. Make me a planet! Please? Think about

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