Speech : Speech And Language Disorders Essay

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This course has impacted my understanding of exceptionalities and provided increased knowledge throughout the 8 weeks. I’ve learnt new information that will improve my career as an educator to children in an inclusive classroom.
In chapter 9 I my knowledge was increased as I learnt about speech and language disorders. In the IDEA the term speech or language impairment is used instead of speech and language disorders. Speech or language impairment affect a person’s communication ability. Children are impacted in the language area where they are not able to product the five elements of language when spoken or in speech where they may stutter or the fluency of words. The cause of speech and language disorder can be a result of biological or environmental disorder. Children are entering the classroom with different background stories that will affect how they function inside the classroom. Children entered the classroom with brain injury from birth or lack of development within the brain or spinal cord. This will impact their language or speech as they get older. Some of these conditions can be corrected while some are irreversible. The environment affects speech and language because children may have been neglected or abuse at home which impacted their speech or language impairment. In these cases, educators have to assess the child and refer the child for evaluation so they will be provided with the best instruction and resource to meet their specific needs. In most cases a…

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