Essay about Speech On The 's Best Buddies Program

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Quote 1: “Over the past fifty years the term used most often to describe this disability, including IDEA, has been mental retardation. But in 2010, President Obama signed a law changing the term to intellectual disability in federal laws, including IDEA.”
Text to Self: During my junior and senior years of high school, our school’s Best Buddies program launched a campaign entitled “Spread the Word to End the Word”. The goal of this campaign was to educate the community to stop saying the R word and the negative effects of doing so. For about a month, each day at lunch they would have a table where both students and teachers could pledge to stop saying the “R” word. Each day numerous students and staff signed the pledge. After signing the pledge you wrote your name on a piece of paper. At the conclusion of the campaign, Best Buddies, made a paper chain of all the people who signed saying they would stop using the “R” word. The chain consisted of hundreds of names and was draped across the cafeteria for all to see. Subsequent to this campaign I noticed that in the hallways I rarely heard the “R” word, and if I did there was usually another student around who would kindly correct them. Using the “R” word in inappropriate contexts has widespread detrimental effects on communities. Therefore, I think that it is extremely appropriate that President Obama signed a law changing the terminology. This action resulted in campaigns such as the one at my school which strive to educate the…

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