Speech On The Student Debt Crisis Essay

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The speaker did well on speaking clearly, made a good eye contact, and most importantly was he had a good transition throughout his speech. Firstly, he spoke very clearly through his speech because I can hear each of the single words that he spoke. It was important that the audience hear what he is talking about. Secondly, he made a good eye contact to the audience. He did not just focus on reading his note cards. He interact and made eye contact to the most of the audience. Lastly, I think in his speech, I can hear his speech was running smoothly. It tells me that he had a good transition throughout his speech.
The benefit that I got from this speech was that I got a better understand on the student debt crisis. I learned that loans once helped student, but then students unable to pay back loans that had effect on our society and economy. With all the loans that caused a burden to ourselves and families, which leaded an individual to no longer able to buy homes, cars, or start a family. Also I learned that the student debt crisis is like a bubble like the 2008 financial meltdown.
The issue was the student debt crisis, because of growing economical bubble. There are high tuition prices because of inflation, so that many students borrowed loans, but they cannot pay it back. There are twenty million student, but only seven million new job per year. The speaker did clearly establish the issue and he also provided the solution for the issue. The solutions for the issue were…

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