Speech On The Special Day Essay

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Waking up on a sunny bright morning, all I can think about is the special day it was going to be. I was still in bed, I looked over at my phone and see my phone light up, as I look it was my boyfriend Marco texting me. While reading his text saying “Good morning beautiful, happy one year anniversary” in that instant I felt butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks turning red like a tomato, and not resisting of smiling. It was the greatest feeling in the world, which I had spent one year with the love of my life. I felt like a little kid in a candy store with so much excitement. I text him back saying “Thanks babe, what do we have plan for our anniversary today?” He did not want to say what the plans were. All he said was “it’s a surprise, so be ready by eight tonight.” It was just ten in the morning on a Saturday night. I kept looking at the clock every ten minutes hoping it was almost time but the clock seem to go slow like a snail. Just a few minutes later my mother walked in.
“Hey sweetie what are you and Marco have plan for today, I know your one year anniversary with him is today?” my mother asked.
“I do not know mom, Marco does not want to tell me where he is taking me yet. He says it’s a surprise,” I answered.
“Hopefully he takes you somewhere elegant” my mother said.
“We will see mom, well I have things to do in the mean time before I leave tonight” telling my mom. She walked out my room. All I can think about was “what does he have plan” over and over again in my…

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