Speech On The Funky Fruit

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“When I get signed, man, I’ma buy one of those grey Mustangs. The Shelby one. One that’s souped-up. I’ma buy me a new house. Have me one of them butlers in there. I’ma get new watches, new clothes, new glasses. Man, what are we waiting for?” He shot up out of his chair, in a similar fashion to the action his career should take in the near future. “William, the man said 2:30. What do you mean what are you waiting for? And those purchases you’re talking about seem mighty taxing on the wallet.” “I just can’t wait to be finally getting paid for this.” A voice came from the corner of the recording room, “Just hope that we’ll be leaving with what we’re worth.” “What’s that supposed to mean, Mo?” William asked. “If they ain’t let Malcolm X …show more content…
“William, you called the cab already, right?” “Yes, sir. He should be here any minute now.”
William Wesley, Mo Hampton, Rahmeek Williams, and Boogie Robinson called themselves the Funky Fruit. The name of the Funky Fruit had been building steam in their city of Detroit over the past couple months due to the success and popularity of their first song, “Back to Back.” So much steam had been built that the heads of their hometown’s own Motown Records reached out to discuss the possibility of adding the group to their record label.
William peeked outside the window, “It’s here!” The Funky Fruit exited the recording studio and made their way to the cab. “Hello, sir. 2648 West Grand Boulevard is the destination.”
Mo stated to the group, “I’m telling you all, if they try to sell us short, I’m not going to let us sign with them.”
“Mo, what are you talking about? Stop playing,” replied William.
“I’m not playing. I’m not going to let us be bought for what they think we’re worth.”
“What do you think we’re worth, Mo?” asked Boogie.
“More than what they’re gon’ offer. They don’t give jack squat about us.”
“C’mon, Mo. Why are you trying to dampen the mood so much? This should be a time when we’re celebrative and

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