Speech On Power Of Words Essay

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Do you ever wonder why others say that words are powerful. well it is quite true, words do have power because words can trigger certain emotions and those certain emotions can redirect someone’s actions.

words can redirect someone’s emotions in many ways. for example you can make people frown by saying bad words and you can make others smile by saying a funny joke. these are the basic ways in how the words you say can redirect someone’s emotions towards someone or something.

you might think that learning about this is useless and not important but actually this is really important, because if we are not to learn about this we will not control or be careful in the words we are saying to others. the words we say influences the action and emotions of others towards us for example the feeling love of somebody towards us might change into hate if we didn’t use our words correctly, that’s why we should never belittle the words that comes out of our mouths because we don’t know how others will feel about it.

The effects of words to our emotions is also really unpredictable, sometimes it would only take a short period of time but sometimes there are words that are very painful that it would stay with us and scar us, which can lead us to feel rage and hatred towards the person who have said those hurtful words which never ends well.

That’s why we should always be careful with the words we utter and take responsibility on it, because words are really really…

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