Argument Against Cheating

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In an age of media and resources galore, many students are faced with many the question of “should i take the easy way out?” in regards to their work. We wonder if the word ‘crime’ ever lingers within their mind as they continue with a quick swipe of ‘copy and paste’. That being said it is within the school 's best interest to attempt to annihilate that realm of oblivion, and produce an outcome of original and morally secure students. This valued process though,could place grave pressure on individuals, making their focus oriented on both themselves as well as the whole class. This method is full of good intent, but a student form of weeding out cheaters can be hindered simply by priority, in the average student 's case, their own work. The …show more content…
In source A, an image is displayed of a committee on the use of the honor code against cheating. A notable quote from there is “Recent research has shows that a spycam can greatly improve the honor code.” In other word this is a light illustration that reflects the brainstorming process staff undergo to create such a process. The reason this is significant, as i mentioned prior, is that fear students have of getting caught over the embarrassment of plagiarizing itself. Spy cams would only further the ‘what if’ that would keep one from cheating. This opens up the discussion whether we should not do something because could get exposed, or we should not do this because it 's an educational set back. It also just show 's that the basis in how teachers are brainstorming. This also meets evidence in Source F, in the reason behind this, “Yet research indicated that the significant lower levels of cheating reported at honor code schools do not reflect a greater fear of being reported or caught,” and continued, “Many students would simply be embarrassed to have other students find out they were cheating.” The embarrassment must stem from the Idea that must stem from the pressures of others excelling in their work. Which could be also be improved by more teacher student interaction when it comes to the process of writing. Guidance and being informed can change the process students experience into a more productive

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