Essay on Speech On Law Enforcement Officers

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This short essay details how to speak to law enforcement officers in the scenario of a traffic stop, in an effort to protect and preserve civil rights granted by the Constitution. Violating the stipulations placed by the Forefathers outlined in our Bill of Rights undermines the values the United States was built on. Disregarding, ignoring or never learning about the laws that defend the people against mistreatment in the United States is how tyrannical figures dissolve them without reproach.

Protecting Civil Rights
Special interests will always conflict the good of humanity. For that reason, it is in the best interest for everyone to keep their safeguards well-kept against any tyrant of law. Police being able to encroach on civil rights calls for all individuals to be informed on what to do when confronting law enforcement officers. One does not need to be a lawyer to be able to defend themselves against hostile officers. Most importantly, individuals speaking to LEOs must stay respectful and assertive throughout the course of their interaction. It is important to start conversation with: “’Hello officer. Can you tell me why I am being stopped?’ (Rights During 2012).”
To begin, one must be critically cautious with whatever is said to police officers as they may lead the detainee to self-incriminate. Apologizing after a traffic stop “can be considered an admission of guilt and could be used against you later in court” (Rights During 2012). ID and registration must be…

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