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Advertising “Ugh.. Another pop-up ad?! Why can’t I just watch my Youtube video in peace?” When most people think of advertising they think of all the annoying, pop up ads on the internet or the towering billboards with printed letters reading, “Buy this,” or “Call this number to advertise.” But it is much more than that. Advertising plays an important role in the market economy we all live in today. It has grown and developed tremendously along with media and technology. Most people don 't realize it but they are exposed to advertising almost every day of their life especially when browsing the internet or watching TV. A lot of people are unaware of the benefits advertising offers. Even though people mostly perceive advertising as annoying and over saturated in media, it is primarily beneficial to consumers. So what is advertising? According to O’Barr “Advertising is personal salesmanship transformed into mediated communication: It sometimes provides new information, often cajoles, and always attempts to …show more content…
Advertising stimulates consumers to make a choice by providing information about the service or product(O’Barr, “What”). According to Linda Sawyer, “Advertising offers a practical mechanism for communicating about available products and services and the benefits they offer”(qtd. in “What Is Advertising?”). For example, advertisements for weight loss supplements may show the percentage of weight loss when you take the supplement. This might persuade someone to buy the product right away, hoping to lose weight. Or advertising the health benefits of a specific orange juice can sway the consumer into buying that brand of orange juice. Maria Culpa indicates in a lecture, “Just as we need the information found in maps, we need the information in ads to buy the necessities of life— which has to be as important as knowing that New Zealand looks REALLY small next to

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