Evil Stepmonster Persuasive Speech

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Evil Stepmonster

Evil step monster. That, is what’s married to my dad, no, no she doesn 't do any harm to me or my little sister she 's just a straight up nutcase. Throughout the years I have mastered the process; and how to deal with her much like, I 'm sure, most kids with divorced parents do.
Alright so picture this, a little five-year-old girl sitting on her dad’s couch,moping. She did not want to be there in the first place, and to make things worse her dad 's house smelt like fried food and wet dog. As she was, well, somewhat content watching her beloved show, The Wonder Pets, her step mom comes in and puts on a video of a live birth. Yes, that 's right, a live birth! This is how my crazy step monster announced to me, she was pregnant with my little sister. In reality, there is no fixing crazy, but you can be like me and find a way to “rid” of your crazy step monster.
First and foremost you need a huge amount of patents. I recommend sitting in a room filled with crying babies, a handful of three-year-olds, people scratching their nails on a chalk board and, an old couple who can 't hear, but insist on talking. An example as to why you would need this skill is when your step mom says, “hey does anyone ever tell
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All 17 years of my life i have known and dealt with my step moms shenanigans,( i.e. making me watch birthing videos, telling me about her and her back problems as well as strip club night at the nursing home) and dealing with such shenanigans has made me a stronger, more independent, quick witted person. She has taught me that,at points it 's okay to be a little crazy, but, she also showed me that sometimes there is such thing of being too crazy. I guess, my step monster isn 't as bad as I tend to look at her and in all reality, I really do appreciate her and her role in my upbringing, but, do not get me started on my toothless aunt

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