Speech On Endangered Animals

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"Save the Polar bears!" "Save the whales!" You may hear people say these things and you may see them on television or online. It is true. We really do need to start protecting our wildlife or we could lose it. There are about fifty endangered species listed on the WWF Endangered Species list, and even more that are vulnerable. What are these endangered species, why are they endangered, and what is being done about it ("Endangered Species." WWF)?
There are approximately seventeen critically endangered species on the WWF Endangered Species list and about thirty-three that are endangered. Including the Black Rhino, the Mountain Gorilla, the Asian Elephant, and the Giant Panda. There are about fifteen that are near endangered, or vulnerable. This
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But today we are taking more than the natural world can supply. The danger is that if we take too many individuals of a species from their natural environment, the species may no longer be able to survive. The loss of one species can affect many other species in an ecosystem. What wildlife are being overexploited? It ranges from fish and other aquatic species, to plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians, all the way up to mammals. Invertebrates- particularly marine invertebrates- are at risk from overharvesting. They make up at least 75% of all known animal species. Probably the most threatened species is mammals. People have always hunted mammal species- for fur, food, sport, and their horns or antlers. Mammals are also trapped to be kept as pets, to be put in zoos, and for biomedical research. Illegal hunting still threatens many species today, especially large mammals such as tigers, rhinoceros, bears and even primates, whose body parts are highly valued for traditional medicine in some parts of the world. The industrialization of the fishing industry and the increasing world demand for seafood have people taking more fish from the oceans , lakes and rivers than is sustainable. Birds are collected or hunted for sport, food and to be kept as pets. Each year millions of birds are traded internationally each year. "Close to 30% of globally threatened birds are …show more content…
Due to human activity and irresponsibility, wildlife is increasingly becoming more threatened. Humans do the most damage to our environment, which destroys habitats for these animals. The biggest threat to wildlife is habitat loss due to overgrazing, farming, deforestation, development, and pollution. These issues lead to other problems such as erosion, soil compaction, and desertification. By minimizing and more wisely using pesticides and herbicides we can better control the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins released into stream and rivers. These chemicals have long lasting effects on wildlife and people for years to come. Wildlife is vulnerable to these harmful chemicals affecting their growth and reproduction. Protecting our environment is a huge part of protecting the endangered species that live here. Recycling and reducing energy can help lessen the impact that is felt on the environment (Ways to protect Wildlife. Ruffner Mountain Nature

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