Speech on Domestic Violence - Urban Issue Essay

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Speech for Urban Issue – Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or partner, usually its violence by men against women
Domestic Violence or DV is about power and control over a spouse.
The three main types of Domestic Violence are Physical, Emotional, and Economic (financial)
The first kind of domestic violence that we will be talking about is physical violence. Physical violence involves a person using physical force which causes harm to spouse. For example: biting, slapping, pushing and throwing objects. There are usually visible signs such as bruises, broken bones and scars
Now the second type of domestic violence that we will be talking about is Emotional abuse. The main aim
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This period only last a very small amount of time then the next part of the cycle begins, this part is when tension begins to build the abusive partner becomes angry and starts yelling, swearing and criticising their spouse. Then there is a breaking point which then leads back into the explosion part of the cycle and this starts the cycle all over again.
DV can be learnt through childhood observations, if you have been a victim of violence, exposure to community, peer and group violence or living in a culture of violence. (Violent movies). The causes of DV can vary from cultural, social, economic and psychological factors.
Domestic violence is found everywhere from the highest classes of society all the way to the slums, from Africa all the way to America.
Domestic Violence is a universal problem no country is more exempt than the other. But one thing that is consistent throughout most societies is that it happens behind closed doors as it is a behaviour that is not accepted by most.
Although substance abuse, poverty, cultural factors, stress, anger and depression are thought to worsen domestic violence but in fact the only thing that is changes is the level of severity, frequency and nature of the abusive behaviour.
There is really no easy solution until people learn to respect others. And until this happens the weaker members of the community will continue be the victims of domestic violence.
The education of families is important to develop

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