Speech On Decision Making Style Essay

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III. Decision-making Style During our classes, the professor did an excellent job supplementing the class with some material that was not necessary in our reading material, and one of these material was helping the class to understand our own culture and sub-culture. In the case of this student, understanding that my culture consisted of being a Christian, Brazilian, and a male help me to understand my decision-making style. And when a group of people meet to work together, their personal culture will come to light, and at times it will crash with other 's members cultures and traditions, and that is when conflicts occur. In our syllabus, TIU has an article that warns us that “whenever people draw close to one another, conflict is inevitable.” and that “people can actually be doing others a disservice by avoiding conflict”(TIU, 2012. p.32) so there was conflicts while the class tried to make decisions, but I believe most of the decisions that were taken was based on consensus, which is when there is a situation in which all group members have a part in shaping and are willing to support a group decision. And a example of this was the activity where the whole group of students had to turn over the tarp while standing on the tarp, there was consensus in every attempt we made in accomplishing that activity. A consensus decision is one “that all members have a part in shaping and that all find at least minimally acceptable as a means of accomplishing some some mutual…

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