Common Core Speech

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Alexander Kalbach
Mrs. Bauch
13 May 2016
Common Core: Do We Need It? How many of you dislike all of the standardized testing we do in school? Today, I will tell you about the Common Core standards and how they can affect children growing up. I have learnded that many states that have adopted the standards are getting rid of them. I will first, tell you how this affects children?s learning, second, why many states are getting rid of the standards, and finally, how you can help get rid of the standards in your state. This is a problem because many kids who liked school are now dreading school. More kids are going homw tired due to learning the many common core related materials. If students don?t restate the main idea from the story, they don?t get full credit. The Regents aren?t taking a good step in trying to stop common core. Instead, they are trying to spread it around and
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More parents across the country are standing up to the standards (Tampio). The Obama administration is trying to reduce the amount of standardized tests a year (Casserly). The Senate has a bill in the making that will allow the states to run their own education system. The states would have to make classes that train kids for jobs and college courses without unneccessary courses. If schools have interventions, they can get extra funding and improved teacher training instead of firing the teachers. The states, after the bill is passed, wont be requitred to help improve the low-performing schools. The states whould be taking that step (?No Child Left Behind?). They could bring the subject up to the House of Represenatives and talk it over and vote on it. The Wall Street Journal found out the amount of money all the states are spending. All together, it adds up to $7 billion a year. The states are the ones thatneed to control their education,not the national government

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