Speech On Banning Of Sugary Drinks Essay

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"Leading the witness, Your Honour!" This particular current issue is interestingly phrased, don 't you think? Are you against?

Not: Are you for or against?, not How do you feel about…?, but the extremely presumptive Are you against?
So, let me answer the question very directly.

I am not against Tesco banning sugary drinks. I would not be against Tesco banning vegetables, bread, meat, fish, books, knickers, alcohol (in possibly rough order of necessity?) TV sets or anything else that they current sell. Tesco is a shop. So long as it stays within the law it can sell what it wants. There are no laws which say it has to sell anything in particular. It can choose.

And so can everyone who currently shops there.
Which, mostly, I don 't.

Also, just to make sure all of my cards are on the table… I don 't buy much in the way of 'sugary ' drinks either and I don 't have kids or grandkids, whose white toothy-pegs and bulging waste-lines I need to worry about. If Tesco stop selling this stuff, I probably won 't even notice, and if I do, it will be at worst a mild annoyance that I have to go to another shop to buy what I wanted.
From the personal standpoint therefore, I have absolutely no reason to care one way or the other.

So now let me turn that question around from the provocative "am I against?", to the more interesting: how do I actually feel about Tesco 's "upcoming ban"?
I neither support nor object to it. I find it "laughable" and/or "a sound marketing strategy"…

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