Speech : ' Liar ' Essay

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“So I hear you had a hard day at school sweetheart.” The doctor looks at me with a melancholy smile. “Why don’t you tell me about it?” I look down at the floor. One of the purple tiles is out of place, in the line of the blue tiles. “Wondering where to start?” I nod. My hair falls in front of my eyes, and I let it become a barrier between me and the doctor.
“You don’t have to start at the beginning yet, maybe just talk about how you felt today.” I squeeze my eyes shut, and soft brown shapes and grey spots swim across my gaze. “Today I felt very anxious.” My chest tightens, and I open my eyes. “I went to the student support office at my school like I usually do. I told them how I was feeling.”
“So you usually go down to the office. What was different about today?”
“I-uh- I was having thoughts...” My voice trails off. The doctor begins writing on his clipboard. “What kind of thoughts? Can you describe them?” “I wanted to kill someone.”
“That’s why you’re here,” says the doctor. He is still smiling slightly. “You came to the emergency room because of a safety concern. But can you give me some more details so I can really understand how you have been feeling? I’m just trying my best to assess the situation.” “I thought about stabbing people.” “Could you imagine yourself doing this? Did you see this happening?” “No.” “Do you want to kill people?” “No.” “Then why are you having these urges?” I struggle to grip my hands into fists, but my muscles are limp. I…

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