Speech Language Pathologist Murmured At Joe ( The Occupational Therapist )

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If sitting wasn 't hard enough for a pre-schooler, imagine developing fine motor skills with someone who doesn 't even speak your first language. "Juan" was bright, but needed an array of supports to get his speech, fine motor skills, and patience to grade level. As the speech-language pathologist murmured to Joe (the occupational therapist) that Juan had bit her last week, Juan had snuck over to the faucet to pour a cup of water. When I nudged Joe to Juan 's attention, Joe snatched a handful of paper towels. “Juan, I have a game for you.” The occupational therapist sat him down and squashed the towels into the cup. Joe wrung the towel into a bowl on the table, and asked Juan to do the same. Juan may have thought he won, but he was still flexing his tiny fingers and accomplishing the OT 's set goals. At that moment, Juan’s “occupation” was playing with water. Occupation refers to any activity meaningful to the indvidiual, which means specialization is at the core of OT treatment.
Special education originally piqued my interest due its focus on a student’s unique needs. The individualized education plan (IEP) helped my brother with Asperger 's succeed throughout high school. However, after hearing about how schools were removing most self-contained classrooms, I reconsidered. At one school I volunteered at, there was a boy who had already gotten suspended 5 times in the first grade for injuring others. A cramped classroom of over twenty students would have been…

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