Medea Literary Analysis

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Medea has the perfect plan and she uses an unlikely source to do it. Yet, before she could put her plan into action, she begs Jason to convince his new wife to accept their kids as it is not fair that they get to be exiled from the only place they know. Jason, who at first was okay with having his kids exiled, wavers and decides to okay the situation and convince his wife into accepting his kids. Medea, now having her means of transportation, decides to do something special, “I too will aid thee in this task, for by the children 's hand I will send to her gifts that far surpass in beauty. My children, take these wedding gifts, and bear them as an offering to the royal maid, for verily the gifts she shall receive are not to be scorned” (153-157). …show more content…
The character goes on to tell Medea that the princess tried her new gifts turned out to poison the princess as it took flesh off her skin and the crown dug into her head, Her father, hearing her cry, came to the scene and hugged her, only to be tangled in the robe and die as well. She not only killed off the princess and the kind, but decides to keep going until she has deemed that he has had enough. Next, she decides to hurt him in a way that will make him realize how much she wanted to hurt him. Jason comes to their old house to get their kids so they will not receive any backlash from their mother, Medea, actions. He does not know, until Medea’s’ friend tells him, that he is too late; she has already killed off their kids. Euripides wrote the killing scene to be off stage, whether it was because the children, while important in only being part of the revenge scheme, were not important enough to have their deaths on the scene or it would have added more problems as the children’s death were not what Euripides wanted people to focus on. Shigenari Kawashima from, Literary Criticism in Euripides, states that “there are in Medea two conflicting aspects from the very beginning: she is indeed a typical Greek hero but she is at the same time a mother and woman, hence her inner conflict. The heroic code is destined to fail in Medea’s case”. Kawashima points out that Medea has a few things going against her, she is a mother and a woman and as Kawashima reminds his readers that Medea admits to being dangerous and well disposed to friends. While Medea is a Greek hero, the term heroic code does not fit her since Medea is planning and achieves on killing her children and many others. While Medea is conflicted about killing her children since the mother side she has impulses her to spare her children, that same side tells her that it is her right as their mother to kill

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