Speech : Final Speech Evaluation Essay

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Final Speech Evaluation

My experience in the the class was a lot better than I had expected.
I really had big fear talking in front of people. First of all, even though I live in the U.S. For 18 years, I couldn 't be comfortable speaking in front of people in English, is my second language. Second, I am just scared of being center of attention. But the class setting was doing big favor to me. It was small class so I didn 't have to speech to 50 people. And the teacher, Mr. Sebern and my classmates are encouraging, warm and kind people. I believe they noticed my situation and had been helping me to learn comfortably in the class. I really enjoyed the lectures too, there were a lot of humors and practical explanations that 's make sense not only for speech but palso in real life. I learned a lot about public speaking that helps me doing my job better. With some reason, I was not good at giving eye contact to audience or perhaps to my customers. I also did not think it was that important, however, it was one of the core skills influencing people into the subject. The other thing was I notice I was too worry if people understand my accents. Many times I had avoided using certain words because I knew I couldn 't pronounce correctly. But after I live in the U.S. such long time, the people are pretty generous or expecting of it from others. The class confirmed that I was right about that and there are more important things to care about in public speaking.…

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