Speech Delivered The Monroe Motivated Sequence Throughout The Presentation

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Speech Reflection – Informative Speech

Strengths of Content My speech followed the Monroe Motivated Sequence throughout the presentation. I started out with an attention piece that aimed to touch on each of the artistic proofs: pathos, ethos, and logos. Through telling the sad story of Ophelia (pathos), stating statistics from the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (logos), and by establishing my past in volunteering for a dog shelter for year many years (ethos) successfully grabbed the attention of the audience and also provided an introduction to my topic. After a clear transition, I talked about the need step. Again, using logos (statistics) and reports from a councilman, I was able to establish that there is a serious problem regarding stray animals. Once the need was established, I moved to the satisfaction step where I simplified the solution to the problem to two simple to understand steps. I used separate images to help guide the audience’s attention, which, I believe, was important in adding an additional sense of structure. I briefly, but without being too technical, explained the implications of the solution and why it would be suitable towards addressing the current problem. I used statistics (logos) from PetSmart Charities to make sure that the audience still perceived me as credible speaker in this matter. To create a desire for the solution, I moved into a powerful visualization step where I drew upon my experience at the animal…

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