Speech Delivered At An United Nations Security Council Meeting

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Persuasive speech is that which is “about communicating through both your verbal and non-verbal channels in a way that purposely changes someone’s attitudes and behaviour” (Kuhnke, 2011). One form in which the act of persuading can be seen and purposely change someone’s attitude is through powerful speeches like for example Angelina Jolie’s speech that she delivered at an United Nations Security Council meeting on Friday 24th April 2015 . Although the speech was short, for around 8 minutes, it was captivating and persuasive urging the audience and those listening around the world not to take the topic of refugees lightly; she raised awareness on this crisis in Syria specifically. Convincing through the rhetorical devices used, that they deserve humanitarian treatment and should be reached out too. This report will be discussing this specific speech and its rhetoric and other persuasive devices like ethos, pathos and logos appealing to the addressee’s sympathy. (Pitt, 2015)
Type of speech
Speech itself has various forms and functions that are shaped by the possible goals of the speech for example what result you want from it and if and how it is aimed for that. There are three types of speech: forensic, epideictic and deliberative. This speech addressed by Angelina Jolie Pitt is deliberative which means that it argues for a course of action and attempts to persuade an audience towards it, in this case for refugees and their rights as citizens of the…

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