Speech Delay In Children

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Rasha Issa, Saher Polus, Nahla Odish, Hanan Kareem
Speech delay The child's delay in speech is a problem that disturbs many mothers. The mothers see the difference between her child and the others around him/her, including his/her siblings. Although the process of developing speech and pronunciation in children is almost constant. The ages when children begin to talk vary from child to child, so the mother should not compare their speech delay with other children. In addition, the mothers need to recognize the scale of speech in the young to assess her/ his child and know whether the child actually has a delay in speaking or not. Speech or qualitative different from typical development. It is ok language disorder suggest is longer than for a child to make a mistake in his words, but speech errors counties speech when expected, so that's mean there is a problem and we should take the child to a a language pathologist, and there are three kind of speech delay and has many causes and effects.

The first one is the Articulation Delay; Some children cannot pronounce specific speech sounds it is common for them to replace difficult sounds with an easy one. For example a child cannot say the f sound, they might say it in p sound, like fun becomes pun. like rabbit becomes wabbit, and k sound may say it, e cup becomes tup. The second one is Phonology Delav: Some speech sounds errors are patterns that children use to simplify speech. They may change the structure of the
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The word boot leave out becomes boo, and house becomes hou, this happens even though he can pronounce the t and s sounds correctly in words like too and soup, sometimes one sound can influence one sound into another sound in a word. A child may be able to pronounce the word T sound in a word two and hot, but this sound is replaced with the word that has p sound. For example Top becomes Pop, Pet becomes

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