Speech At New York University Is Academic Success For All Students

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Key Points The topic of Wade Boykin’s speech at New York University was academic success for all students, but more specifically students of color. He discussed the documentation and evidence that explains the achievement gap between students of color and their white counterparts. Boykin stated that the evidence for why the gap exists should be the guide for implementing strategies, inventions and programs to raise achievement. The evidence and research suggest that to raise achievement the focus should be on transactional solutions instead of technocratic solutions (Boykin & Noguera, 2011; Boykin, 2014). Transactional solutions are classroom-based inventions. Technocratic solutions are higher up structures or procedures. Examples of technocratic solutions are benchmark testing, academic standards, longer class periods and extended school year. However, transactional strategies encompass educational exchanges between teachers and students, classroom collaboration, and the classroom environment. Transactional strategies focus on student engagement, positive self-efficacy and teacher-student relationship quality (TSRQ) (Boykin & Noguera, 2011; Boykin, 2014).
Student Engagement Student engagement involves students actively and positively participating in the lesson or activity. In the book, Boykin describes three types of engagement, which are behavioral, cognitive and affective. Behavioral engagement is when students exhibit on task behavior such as paying attention…

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