Essay Speech At Michigan 's Graduation Speech

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While President Obama is giving his speech at Michigan’s graduation ceremony he starts off by trying to relate to the American people by having to do normal everyday things like commuting in traffic. Obama also wants to connect with the American public by telling them that he reads their letters every day to show them that he is a part of them and not in control of them. He has a progressive mentality when opening up his speech. He is reaching out to the hearts and minds of the average person by telling a heartwarming story about a kid in kindergarten and asking him if people are nice to him. When Obama says “there are some things that we can only do together, as a nation- and that our government must keep pace with the times” I believe that he is using Lakoffs theory of the nurturant parent. Again, this is a progressive model where the idea is that the nation as a whole needs to take care of each other. Also, Obama is taking about how the government needed to step in and take care of the American people when the depression came about, and that the government is “now putting in new rules and safeguards to protect the American people.” These are examples of a system taking care of its people, a system where there is a progressive government taking care of the general public. President Obama is very good at framing his words so that the American public can understand him the way he wants them to. Obama made a very eloquent transition into talking about the benefits of his…

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