Digestive System Essay

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I’m sure that at one point or another in your life you’ve heard of the digestive system & the physical changes (a change in appearance) & chemical changes (irreversible changes that start with one thing & end with another) which occur during this process. But did you really learn what the digestive truly is & does for our bodies? Did you learn that not only do we see physical & chemical changes in nature but also in our bodies? If not, I’m here to tell you all about it. Put on your seatbelts & join me in the drive through the digestion of your, rather large, pretzel stick.
In your head, think about where digestion first occurs. Did you choose the stomach? If you did, sorry but you’re wrong, the correct answer is the mouth. Digestion starts with that first pretzel stick you
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Thus your saliva dissolves your food, making it smaller & easier to get down your throat. The starch in your great pretzel turns to sugar so that your body can easily digest it. Because our body has no desire to swallow the product separately, the tongue rolls the dissolved sugar into a ball & pushes it down into the esophagus.The esophagus is quite a strange place if you ask me. Using a process called peristalsis, the esophagus contracts, squeezing the food so it can be let down into your stomach. No, these contractions aren’t the kind that someone who is about to give birth complains about, these contractions occur because we are trying to get all the nutrients we possibly can from the pretzel stick. After your esophagus squeezes the food as much as it possibly can, it is let into the stomach. Here, the stomach churns the food by contracting & squeezing the food. Also, it releases acids-much to my surprise- called gastric or stomach acids, further dissolving the food. At the beginning of the small intestine, the accessory organs (organs that aid digestion but never actually touch the food), which have been

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