Speech About Abortion

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Many people don 't realize what abortion really does to you, not just physically but also emotionally. If you knew what happens when you have an abortion then there would be no doubt in making abortion illegal. Jessica white can tell you all about abortion and what it really does to you. She even wrote a book about her personal experience, and thanks to that book now people realize what abortion really is and how it has long term effects.
At the age of 17 jessica was raped, they never found her rapist but she was scar for life. Later she found out that she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion, in her book she says that she could not have anything that reminded her of that horrible event, even her own child that she carried inside of her. She decided to do the only thing she felt at that time was the solution to her “problem” she decided to
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First you choose if you want an abortion. In most cases women have abortion because they can 't afford to have babies, are forced by her parents(if you are under age) or they are single and don 't have any support from someone, sometimes woman feel like they need someone to be there for them that way they can keep going, but the truth is that every woman can be strong by themself and don 't need someone else to rely on. But sadly some they don 't think in that way and they decide to look for another solution which most of the time ends up in abortion . Second you have to go to doctors so they can prepare you for the process that you will go through, and that process is not easy it might take about fifteen minutes for the actual process of abortion, but afterwards it will be very painful, you might not even be able to walk for days. You also have to be under medication for some time so you don 't get infected or anything like that. But that doesn 't mean you won 't have any problems your system will be very hurt and sensitive, sometimes it may not ever respond the

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