Research Paper On Anxiety

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Research Paper Chunk 1 Anxiety is a normal emotion. Everybody feels it now and again. The stress you get when a big test is coming is an example of this. But suffering from Anxiety Disorder is different. It is a severe form of anxiety the can interfere with your everyday life. Anxiety Disorder is considered a mental illness and it causes constant and overwhelming fear and worry that can consume your life. There are a few different types of Anxiety Disorders and they can cover a wide variety of things. First, there is Specific Phobias, which include a fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of dogs, etc. Having this can cause you to be irrational toward everyday situations and force you to avoid them. Next is Social Anxiety Disorder. Social …show more content…
Usually, to determine whether or not you need help is if the tips to manage your stress just aren 't working or the anxiety is so severe the only way to even get a sense of relief is to go and talk to somebody. It is almost a personal preference when it comes to deciding if you need help. Some people are good when it comes to calming yourself down while others can 't function without help. There are no physical symptoms except maybe the normal symptoms amplified. Although getting help isn 't needed, it is recommended to almost everyone who is suffering, a little help could never hurt everyone.
There are many things that you should when it comes to coping with anxiety, but there are many things you shouldn’t do as well. These things include: denying it, avoiding it, fishing for reassurances, thought stopping, etc. Exercising any of these behaviors may worsen your anxiety. Not only will it worsen, it quite possibly make it impossible to learn how to overcome
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You start with coping tools. These coping tools include jogging, yoga, art, etc. These are just a few of many examples of the ways that you can work on coping with your anxiety and eventually cure it. These activities are able to distract you to the point where your brain has an easier time overcoming the anxiety. You can also come up with your own tools if those don’t appeal to you. If you enjoy reading, for example, then to go the park or beach, or even stay at home in your room and just read. Other tools include facing your anxiety straight on and changing your anxious thoughts about what makes you anxious to positive thinking about that subject.
All of these are important steps for curing your anxiety permanently, because they all give you something to focus on in your thoughts that goes beyond your anxiety while providing you with a positive way of thinking to combat the natural anxiety negativity. The best way to completely eliminate your anxiety is to look at ways to address your

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