Contacted Crime Essay

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Crimes against morality belong to the category of “contacted” and “reported” crime. Concerning the expression “contacted crime”, victim and perpetrator are (were) in a mutual contact and victim is usually able to describe the perpetrator. For instance there is a discrepancy with a property crime where victim is not in a contact and so ordinarily does not have a possibility to see a perpetrator to commit a crime, to steal something, etc. In comparison to that, quite a high number of reported crimes against morality are successfully clarified. Regarding the association “reported crime”, it is necessary to take into consideration that we frequently learn about many crimes against morality just through reporting them to the law enforcement bodies …show more content…
 It belongs to the category of “contacted crime”.
 It has a character of “reported crime”.
 Moral offences tend to have a sexual basis and they are often argued to cause sexual harm.
 Some of crimes against morality are organized, or internationally organized, especially when we talk about trafficking in human beings or in children, pimping and child pornography.
 Most of the crimes against morality have a latent character; it means that there is a certain chance for crimes not to be revealed by the police.
 Most of the crimes against morality are conducted in series (multiple-offense), take longer time and there is quite a high level of recidivism.
The activity of criminal police usually starts with the report or suspicion that a crime has occurred; is followed by initial or preliminary evaluation that crime has occurred, and then is assigned to an investigator who can use other procedural methods and means. Effective operative work (focusing on problematic areas, monitoring situation, public sources, internet, work trade, supply and demands, current trends, general and specific indicators, warning sings, etc.) thus plays a very important role in the final results of this

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