Special Interest Tourism Essay

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Introduction to the Essay Darjeeling tea is like ‘’champagne and Bordeaux in France’’. Tea has existed in Darjeeling since the British Raj and tea tourism for tea lovers gives the tea lovers a perfect opportunities to learn what so unique about staying in the tea plantations, knowing about the history and commercial importance. This report includes detailed study on tea tourism in Darjeeling, different types of tea, advantages and disadvantages of tea tourism. Special Interest Tourism Tourists looking for products that will fulfil their particular need are the special interest tourists referred to as ``niche market.’’. Brotherton and Himmetoglu (1997) …show more content…
They expect high standard of services, quality experiences and a Varity of specific activities to satisfy personal interests.

Introduction on Tea and Tourism
Tea is an agro based; labour intensive and export oriented playing a very important role in the national economy through export earnings, trade balancing and employment generation. Being the most consumed beverage after water (Walker 1996), tea is an integral part of food service. Tea tourism is a niche market, which is becoming popular in with tourists making their way to the tea estates. Tea tourism is ‘’Tourism that is motivated by an interest in the history, traditions and consumption of the beverage, tea’’. Tea drinking and its consumption show there is large market segment, interested in knowing about the beverage and the manufacturing process. Tea tours organised not only focuses on giving a virtual tour around luxuriant tea gardens but will provide opportunities for tourists to stay in luxurious tea bungalows in the lush green tea gardens, visit tea factories to see the different steps involved in the production of tea, interact with the workers, try a hand on plucking tea leaves, know all about tea history and its commercial importance. Tea related tourism focuses on sustainable developmental project

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