Special Food Essay

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Not one country has the same customs and cultures as another. The world is very diverse in the sense that there are so many different people that come from all over. During the interview process, I learned many things about China’s special foods, the role of women in society, family life and their educational system.
The first thing that Li and I talked about is foods, because each culture has special food. Talking about the special foods in China, Li mentioned that, “they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in China”. Now that didn’t really surprise me that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because that is an American holiday. However, what did surprise me is that they celebrate a holiday called Moon Festival, which is their version of Thanksgiving.
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One thing Li shared is that, “there is no feminist movement or talk of feminism because women get the same pay as men”. She even mentioned that, “women get better jobs than most men do”, working as nurses, teachers and in offices. There are no wage gaps in China, which is a lot different from the U.S. even though they are apparently trying to close that wage gap in the U.S. One similarity that China has with the U.S. is that if the woman of the house does not have a job she is expected to be a stay at home mom and cook, clean and take care of the children. There are some similarities and differences between the U.S. and China, in the way women have roles in …show more content…
in some aspects, for instance high school, is required. The number of years required in the Chinese educational system is only 9 years compared to the U.S. which is 12 years. Li mentioned that, “it is extremely hard to get into college in China because they make the tests extremely hard, so not many people get in”. Also, she mentioned that, “schooling in China is very competitive, they put the students in order from highest grades to lowest grades to kind of shame the kids who have lower grades to get them higher”. Students in China go to school, but then they also go to after school to further their knowledge and to continue learning. In college they have mandatory study time, which she compared to having a night class. She said that leadership in China is way less important than it is here in the U.S., the main focus in schools in China is their

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