Classroom Interview Report

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Now that we know what types of questions were asked during the interview, we can get to know each person. For the students with an exceptionality, I interviewed Laura, Laura lost her vision at a young age, but was willing to meet with me and allowed me to get to know her and her disability. I interviewed Julia for the next interview, Julia’s son is a fourth grader who has cerebral palsy. Lastly, I interviewed Mrs. Gierstorf, she teaches technology to elementary aged kids and could provide me with helpful tips in my future classroom. These three interviews impacted my learning of working with students with exceptionalities because I could gain insights on what I may be working with in my future classroom. Knowing more about students with disabilities …show more content…
During class, Laura must listen a lot because she must listen a lot, she takes abbreviated notes that way she doesn’t miss any of the information provided in class. She did mention that she has an advantage because she can look back at the professor’s slide show that the professor sends to Laura. Another challenge Laura runs into might be professors not being able to understand why things are accessible and why some things are not accessible for Laura. For example, Laura has various technologies that read text to her or other applications on her laptop, but these assistive technologies cannot read everything to Laura. Laura especially has difficulty when it comes to pictures because the computer does not read to her what the picture looks like or describes. She stated that teachers have a hard time understanding that not all assistive technology works for everything. Another challenge Laura runs into in the classroom is the challenge in working with groups. When working in groups, Laura has noticed that other students may not know what to do or may feel that others in the group need to take a bigger role because some things may take longer for Laura to …show more content…
This interview allowed me to meet with a parent whose child is an exceptional learner and gain an insight of a parent view. Julia described a typical day for Parker as difficult. When Parker firsts gets up for the day, he gets his medicine for the day, continues to get dressed, and then is ready to be put in his wheelchair. Julia stated that his overall morning routine takes about twenty minutes for Parker to get ready for the day and eat breakfast. Parker then goes to school for the rest of the day. After school, Parker attends physical therapy and then comes home to relax for the rest of the

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