Special Education : Special Needs Or Students With Disabilities

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Special Education is the education practiced by special needs or students with disabilities. By focusing on each students individulatities and learning differences, special education teachers help disabled student further their education. Special education has had a noteable history; however, it has flourished greatly over the last fifty years. New technology and further research has modified special education to make it personalized for each individual’s specific needs. Special education has made a great change for the challenged population. From the beginning of its history, when it was just a little effort, to the present time methods it uses, Special Education has had the same baseline. This baseline is to help the Special needs to learn and to grow as individuals. To understand the history of Special education, one must first know exaclty what it is, how important it is, and he challenges of it. Special Education is exaclty education for the special needs, and challenged individuals. Scientist classifies special education in many categories, so that each student is in each course and type of education he or she requires (Jain 34). Student who are in these special education classes are classified as handicap. The handicap must impaire the students learning ability only. Students who are color blind or paraplegic, for example, do not require these classes. Students who are physically impaired and or mentally, to the point that they cannot function in what is known as…

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