Special Education Research Paper

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Special Education

We live in a society where people are different in their own ways. Personality, appearance, racial, ethnicity is what makes each person unique. We also have people who were born differently, but are just like your normal average human being. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in sixty-eight children is diagnosed with ASD. (web) ASD stands for autism spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum disorder causes significant social communication, and behavioral challenges that can be known as a developmental disability. It is one of the most common disorder that are found in children and adults in the United States today. In this essay, I will explain what special education is and who it benefits
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Special needs include students who have communication, emotional and behavioral disorders, learning, physical, and developmental disabilities. These specials needs benefit from additional educational services to help achieve the child’s goal. These programs are designed for the students who are “delayed”. This means that it is generally categorized as a developmental delay, such as the child’s overall physical, cognitive, scholastic skills, which place them behind their peers. Due to these differences, the child requirements does not meet within the traditional classroom environment. Special education programs and services adapt to the child’s needs according on their performance of the evaluations. This includes a teaching method, to adapt content, and the way they deliver instruction. There are certainly no cost to the family and is available until the student is twenty one. Some states vary and have services set in place for adults who are in need of specialized services after the age of twenty one. Under the federal law, the education of a student with a disability could receive services until he/she is twenty one, or when the student receives a diploma. Once the student earns a diploma, special education, and related services terminates. This helps these students improve their education/knowledge so they can live an independent life in the …show more content…
This educates students with disabilities in classrooms with children who do not have disabilities. Inclusion rejects and does not favor in separating students with disabilities. The Education of All Handicapped Children Act, made it happened to where all children receive a public education for the first time. It all began in 1975, where only large districts could provide any programming for children that acquire special education. The Education of All Handicapped Children Act established two legal concepts. These were based upon our Equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. The two concepts are free appropriate public education and Least Restrictive Environment. The Free Appropriate Public Education made sure that each district/school was providing free and most importantly the appropriate education for the child’s needs. The Least Restrictive Environment made sure that the least restrictive placement was always looked out for. This principle underlies inclusion. Students with special needs can also participate in the school’s extracurricular activities. The No Child Left Behind Act will guarantee protection of the student’s education and needs. It may vary from state and districts due to the lawsuits and due process actions that occur each year as time passes. Some districts force the department to insure that the schools place as many children with disabilities in

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